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For the many fans of the Musical Soundscapes series, Stefan and Jonas are preparing a set of videos where they talk about how the albums were put together. Here's a video that tells you about how they met and how the whole series got started. Enjoy!

All videos are now also available on the new videos page.

We have launched a new facebook fan page which will be stuffed with info, pictures, videos, and background info. Please use the social links below and support root-music by liking the new page. Thank you!

Welcome to root-music

Lost your CD? Your cassette tape got munched? No problem!
You may now download the original releases in addition to new material and special compilations for your iPod™ or other mp3 player. All selections were converted to crisp 192 kbs mp3 files from the original master recordings to give you excellent quality.

Ordering individual tracks is not possible at this point, but may become available in the future. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay on top of new releases and special offers!

Please note - root-music is a download shop only. If you prefer a physical CD, you may be able to find something here.

Free mp3 ringtones

As a bonus, you will receive a free mp3 ringtone with each order from the album you ordered! Simply upload the tone to your phone using your bluetooth, infrared, or data cable connection. To make sure our files play nice with your player, please download our testfile before ordering.

If you have any questions or feedback, drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you!

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