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Northern Nights

The haunthing cry of the wolf holds a fascination for everyone. In its natural setting, its plaintive howl evokes moods of haunting beauty and loneliness. When combined with varying styles of music, the wolf’s howl takes on a larger dimension and heightens its dramatic impact. The resulting musical soundscapes - ranging from solo piano compositions to full orchestral arrangements - will stimulate your visual imagination and take you on a journey up North. A gold award winner!

The Musical Soundscapes series features original compositions blended with the sounds of specific natural habitats. Be the theme a stroll along the beach or an encounter with the wildlife of exotic countries, each recording focuses on a unique environment and stimulates the listener’s visual imagination. Equally important to the series is the attempt of each release to draw attention to current environmental issues that concern us all; the plight of the whales, the pollution of the oceans, and global deforestation have provided settings for albums in the series.

Total playing time: 40:58

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